Drones on the farm: What are the laws?

As evidence for the proposition that no news outlet is so obscure as to escape our watchful eye, we bring you this story from a publication called Dairy Herd Management. Unfortunately, farmers are caught in the same regulatory void* as professional photographers, realtors, and pretty much everyone else. Peggy Hall, an assistant professor and Ohio State University Extension field specialist in agricultural and resource law, says:

“While landowners, farmers and growers need to know if it is legal to use UASs on their own land to monitor crops or for other uses on their farm, at this point it’s still a gray area in the law.”

Ms. Hall cautions farmers about the risk of incurring fines from the FAA. Perhaps someone ought to put together a pro bono team of practitioners and law students to represent farmers in challenges to the FAA.

* We were tempted to write, “regulatory purgatory,” but thought better of it after having a second coffee.