Is the FAA Hurting Your Business?

I’ve heard from a lot of aerial photographers about how the FAA’s bullying tactics are seriously hurting – if not outright killing – their ability to make a living.

If you have an FAA horror story, please share in the comments.

One thought on “Is the FAA Hurting Your Business?

  1. So apparently there are a lot of real estate folks looking to utilize drone technology for their listings, but the FAA is saying no to that. Rediculous to me and defies the logic of safety, which they are claiming. Question to ponder- what if agents or anyone selling commercial UAV photos taken under 83 ft did this. 83 ft is considered private property. Would the FAA even have a leg to stand on if they tried to enforced this? Seems like a clear loss in court to me. Perhaps if this envelope was pushed, then the grey area of 83 to 700 ft could be next- thoughts?

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